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(We already have here more than what they did 4 me-->)WARNING: This is solely my 1st person account & evaluation of my time and is only meant as such alone; it is NOT meant to be what your opinion or time with the Sankaku Complex/Channel is and will not disagree if you had a better time with em yourself and/or(as a result)have a better opinion yourself| This is mostly a result of my general frustration & resulting anger at the standards & practices of the aforementioned Complex/Channel; some exercised upon myself & some I've seen exercised upon others who were as equally(perhaps more)frustrated as I| I suppose it should also be mentioned that I don't expect this to actually have any effect whatsoever on the Sankaku Complex\Channel or its community thereof| Well this warning/spoiler has gone one long enough so on with tha tattling -- also my title here is in fact meant to be a parody of The E! True Hollywood Story for those of you that caught it & I'm not sure it exists anymore|
My time with the Sankaku Complex/Channel(which will be hence forth collectively referred to as just..Sankaku)was 1 of(IF NOT)the most frustrating/stifling experiences I've ever had on the internet if not the most...that was a joke repeating the connotations of my warning| It's no secret that the internet in general is where most people go to be jerks & so 4th and it's even less secret that popular opinion has it that alot of the worst people on the internet are on YouTube with 4chan & Tumblr each taking 2nd place and while I can't really say there is or not any shortage to the amount to be found in all 3 I can safely say I personally found a place that trumps YouTube by my account| Sankaku is a community that seems like it was designed to bring out tha worst possible qualities in anyone that doesn't fit in line with their system of values & morals...or lack thereof| I'm here to tell you why I feel this way and not necessarily what to think of it which I leave to you after having read what I have to say|

For those who don't know tha following: Sankaku is basically an image board operation which means its function is spurred forth by searching for images based on ideas/themes which appear in said image so if you want an image featuring a woman playing with herself on a bed with her bra still on then you would type [[1_girl laid_back lying_on_bed bra bottomless masturbation]] in the search bar minus the brackets; I went with a "sexy" image because...well I'll explain now| Sankaku as a result doesn't have the restrictions found at certain other art sites like Tha dA here that restricts more sex-related depictions more-so than violence which ultimately lead me personally to see the art in more nudity that I'd have seen as porno in tha long run prior which is why I don't hate Tha dA for continuing or even beginning to ban full-on pornography| You can also search for a tame entry like [[hat]] but because "Explicit" sexual depictions are faved more than "Safe" depictions of anything you'll find "sexy" images featuring a hat that is either worn or "somewhere" in tha background maybe with sexy humping your monitor in tha foreground of said image|

I have this nonsensical standard that prevents me from affiliating directly with any site that's dedicated solely to pornography and nothing else...I mean I'll sample tha living @#$%& out of their stock and even "anonymously" comment there as well; yes I realize how nonsensical that is & acknowledged it as such but it's an irrepairable part of me at this point so moving on| When I stumbled upon the Sankaku Complex/Channel I "just knew" this would be tha best thing in tha world for my growth as an artist in all forms to be a part of an image board that caters to the art in music/general audio as well as moving-picutres on top of still images| Tha fact that it's an image board and not an art site felt more like there would also be less demand for "quality" content but turns out they not only demand quality but DEMAND no less than tha best(hah; rhyme)and if you "fail" to deliver then they are not bashful about letting you know their disapproval| I mean they either can't or outright refuse to articulate exactly how your art fails and/or why but they will essentially spout childish/mean-spirited taunts & quips at your expense and claim you can't take criticism when you continue to ask why exactly they don't like it or mount a defense against their onslaught while various members "like" said childish comments then "hate" your mature all-things-considered replies| For those of you wondering I only ever uploaded this: tha Sky Power Girl-Cloud Front :here image that was hated intensely mostly because I couldn't at least have my avatar/icon without someone having uploaded it beforehand which was promptly deleted as they made good on their eletism as soon as I was stricken with the 2nd charge|

They will eventually delete your "bad" stuff no matter how acclaimed your work is elsewhere if they don't like it: It+came+Without+Warning+1980+poster+Beyond+Horror+ by KeirTanaka :at their sole discretion| I would think them being an image board would mean they welcome all depictions but they don't foster a welcoming community for potential growth or a nurturing attitude but is instead a breeding ground for elitism/arrogance/linearity and even racism after a fashion| Now actual outright/direct racism or even approaching its vocation will usually be met with a barrage of disapproval BUT depictions about western(hemisphere)works by western artists can get dragged through tha mud while eastern works in general aren't exactly bolstered but they are treated like platinum because of the comparison and are more favored overall; this is when some will say "well what do you expect from an eastern art site" then I respond "fair" they reply "right" I fire back "No I mean equality" then they stare like I'm crazy| Look I understand it's their website and they are free to run it/conduct it however they see fit...doesn't make it any less bigoted & same goes for any western site(s) as well that do tha same; it's 1 thing if the site was closed off and made it clear they only deal in eastern entertainment and only put out such but if you "welcome" all kind and treat some better than others while vocating that their "place of origin" has predetermined whether or not their works will carry any value...perhaps "racism" isn't a sufficient terminology but it most certainly IS a negative "-ism" that canNOT be spun into a positive position no matter how statistically "true" it is according to your subjective standards/opinions/contentions| Ultimately this is an infrequent occurrence but its frequency isn't an issue so much as it is that it's infrequency isn't never|

Well back to tha story at this point so in an effort(still early on actually)to become a contributing member nonetheless I began tagging images properly while seeking no attention whatsoever for my deeds then had the brilliant idea to engineer a few new tags of my own; initially I was deleting old tags that weren't necessary because my new tags basically shortened the total different entries needed to access the old image or were a bit more specific| I realized this was actually damaging the ability to find the old images because I got rid of the more generic everyday words the tags were originally called so I began using those in addition to my new tags and did in fact put back the tags I had initially replaced| Soon after that I decided to officially introduce my tags to tha staff after which I was ridiculed & mocked and not just because they called my new tags "useless/pointless" to everyone there mostly by 1 main antagonist "janitor" above all else but because they continued to believe I was deleting old tags in favor of my new tags AND/OR somehow believing my tags would inconvenience anyone searching the generic terminologies when I know it doesn't| Ultimately I stopped my attempts to convince everyone my tags were any good but continued using em because I was never actually told to stop or anything at tha time and(a bit later on actually)had about 500 & 250 images tagged properly that simultaneously held my newer tags in a relatively short amount of time from then...when it all got worse| I was promptly charged with tag vandalism without being spoken to prior/had my new tags ripped from their images/then the(Lord forgive my tongue here but)the idiot "janitor" tries to talk "sense" into me after having already punished me so I became as difficult as possible while being talked to about why my tags essentially aren't good enough for em and continued to be resistant|

I later thought since my tags aren't good enough then I might be allowed to create a pool which works like how Favorites here work except they're meant for everyone else as much as yourself and as such will be deleted if they believe you are doing a personal so what they are ultimately "meant" to be used for is gathering & sequencing images from comics and whatever they feel like allowing| My pools(along with several others)were not only deleted but emptied out beforehand then(several others &)I complained about this after which I was given the permission to create certain tags that I actually started as pools then I eventually appealed to tha staff(in another forum)which nothing short of a miracle got a variation of my tag approved while simultaneously gaining further approval for a more specific variation as well| It was overall THE best thing I felt I ever accomplished at this site and had me in a permanent good mood...for all tha 2 seconds it had lasted| I'm not really sure how long it lasted but not long after that they were unceremoniously discontinued/untagged for no reason(that I was made aware of & did investigate)so I resolved to not do anything on this site anymore ever especially after attempting to bring attention to a "4 lack of a better word: glitch" I found out to create private pools out of recently deleted public pools and found myself mocked as a result and not even because it was "illegal" which they didn't bring to my attention yet again but(just realized how strange this is coming from me)they're like children mostly including staff which are especially like spoiled/arrogant children| Now it's right here when some BooB came along and did tha ultimate but before I get into that I have to mention the initial controversy(<--I think that's a correct word)over if my specific tag would/should be prefixed with "completely" or "fully" because tha staff thought "choosing tha wrong selection" stood a chance of confusing the user base...srsly I'm sure that "controversy" lasted longer than the tag itself did||

So what happened was that at the height of my frustration I had decided I would no longer tag anymore as previously stated and I :Without-warning by KeirTanaka: had been stricken with my 2nd bogus charge of tag vandalism despite said "useless tags" I had "made up" were already untagged from what I had tagged em onto 4 a while at that point| To add "term: salt to tha would/insult to injury" there were tags that I was charged with "making up" that I didn't make up but were there so I had used em| These tags were used alot by me in an effort to be a contributing member by fully/completely tagging images properly as previously stated which weren't before I came along & tagged em/others were the tags that I was given permission to tag with but since the left hand doesn't know what tha right hand does & so 4th|

What I did next was go straight to tha top & ask that the legitimacy of these allegations be investigated and(UNSURPRISING)4 days go by with no response so then what I did next was go inside and(foolishly in hindsight)try creating another tag that I'd been ruminating on 4 a long time now so I tagged 1 image with it as a live example then filled in the wiki explaining what the depiction entails that qualifies this tag| UNSURPRISING I was INSTANTLY confronted about this by the same(excuse my harsh language here)bloomin idiot "janitor" that had charged me with vandalism before even talking to me but now talking to me saying essentially,"Please stop making up useless tags which include tha following: [[then proceeds to list the tags I complained about before]]" so naturally I'm steaming at this person & respond with essentially,"You lost ALL possibility that I'll listen to you when you charged me without talking to me beforehand with your arrogant-talk; courses of action you can take at this point are as follows: [[shut_the_heck_up leave_me_alone go_touch_yourself]]" which was directed solely at that "janitor" as another human being I was angry at and nothing more| know those old-timey cartoons that end with that "gag" where it's maybe summertime and the "mcguffin" is wrapped in a present with a tag that reads "DO NOT OPEN 'TIL X-MAS" written on it....that is basically what's written on my suspension notice right now and wouldn't ya know it they issued said suspension without talking to me beforehand| Actually what is written on the notice is...well HOLY @#$%& I didn't really look at tha year and I looked back as I'm writing this but it reads tha following verbatim: Reason: Tag vandalism, disrespectful behaviour, generally toxic and unthankful, annoying.. Expires: 2019-12-24 :I just copy-pasted that directly from tha thing at which point I noticed it said freakin 3 years after this not-too-distant Christmas is when this spell will be lifted| What also hurts is they have the audacity to claim me the "annoying" one here..go fig| That is what happens when you let a member of tha staff know what you think of their decision outright and don't mince your words or anything in just ONE-1-ONE debacle out of several interactions wherein you could've blown your stack then but didn't| The only thing I regret about this suspension is it has shut me out so as a result I can't delete my account myself and tha worst thing about that is I lose my collection I amassed while there|

Tha last thing I wanna say here is tha reason I didn't simply inform said simpleton(excuse my harshness)of their mistaken error is because tha very system they used to find out it was I who had been recently using said tags is what they could've used to find out it wasn't I who created em+when you tell me anything "made up/created/invented/pulled out of tha dirt" by someone is "useless" then you do not come in peace/understanding/compromise/with good intentions as far as I'm concerned+there's nothing in tha rules saying you can't think up a tag & introduce it to tha system to eventually become part of tha lexicon+with nebulous/nonsensical tags like cock-tail @#$%&_taken_for_walk strap_gap panties_around_one_leg ? handjob_domination implied_futanari (& so 4th) all of which had to have been "made up" at some point and are "useless" to some I'm sure you would think they were more open to this kind of thing+they completely omit my exemplary record that actually exists over tha parts where I have gone off tha rails so I'm doing that to them here as well|
Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it(jk - lol)as I remember it from my firsthand account| You may be tempted to disregard this as generalization & hyperbole aaand did you NOT read tha part where I basically said it would be just that at tha top to an extent| It's generalization in tha sense that I'm wrapping tha good & bad together as being "all-bad" somewhat and hyperbole because I'm not including any impertinent good parts about why my experience wasn't really all-bad| When your account of an experience has to be evaluated with a general ^ or v rating then you choose whatever suits your evaluation and run with it which(2-B Fair)there were good times(mostly when nothing was really happening)good people I met as well| I didn't call em out or reference em because I'm not calling out any of tha bad seeds directly either and I don't feel that it would be fair to call out tha goods while not bringing tha bads to light but there were good/encouraging seeds in massive-short disproportion to the "you suck" seeds|

Feel free to tell me how much you agree with me or how unreasonable I was in all of this or just how much you don't care about any of this - that's what comms are for| I should also reiterate that this isn't meant to "spur" anyone into action or out of action toward Sankaku(like a boycott 4 example)in any shape/form or fashion so what was this written for| Well I think it's obvious but must be said anyway...I was angry with how I was treated at Sankaku and this is me dealing with that anger in the healthiest possible way and actually..just having merely written this I feel better already|

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