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Conquest in the Ring by OrionPax09

I have to say tha very first thing that sticks out to me(pun semi-intended)is her oddly freakin erect nipples and I hate that because t...

"SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE ORDINARY AND THE INCREDIBLE...SOMETHING SAVAGE AWAITS" A commendable attempt at a movie tagline and working some...

by zetarok

I wanna start by saying I didn't wanna critique this initially because it's Mature Content and as such is beyond criticism but then I r...

She-Hulk by elee0228

What I say now; I say as a She-Hulk fan and a Muscle Woman enthusiast: NOT really diggin' this chosen bikini on display here! I've neve...




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This 1 is gonna B as short & precise as possible Bcuz it's a question I wanna pose mostly 2 that ones set 2 receive this automatically BUT ALL THAT SEE THIS R encouraged 2 answer as well:

I'm quite sure that it's plenty obvious by now that I'm not above using shortcuts that may B seen as just plain cheating! Tha most prominent of these questionable shortcuts is recoloring a previously used line-art 2 make a totally different character than was previously intended! 4 example, maybe I have a Wonder Woman that was conceived as such initially but then tha need arises 4 a Supergirl so I would just color tha hair blonde(and any other necessary parts thereof as needed)or if tha need 4 a She-Hulk arises then I paint her skin/hair/eyes their own corresponding color green! Now of course that's a shortcut indeed but I really can't deny that it's lazy...2 an extent maybe but some have gone as far as calling it outright cheating! I could only guess that they C this as an attempt 2 make more Kool-Aid by pouring more water(& sugar?)on top of tha max amount that the used mix was meant 2 make OR a way of making more chips by smashing a bag of about 100 regular-sized chips N2 a billion micro-chips(<--I would say this has 2 B tha worse of tha 2)! I C it as something I do quite often which is using a paper cup several times B4 trashing it; use it 4 coffee, rinse & repeat, use it 4 tea, rinse & repeat, use it 4 Kool-Aid, rinse & repeat, use it 4 mo coffee, rinse & repeat, use it 4 Listerine, rinse(SPIT)& repeat, use it 4 "cup-o-noodles" which is usually it's breaking point even when starting there, rinse & the overall garbage bag isn't quite as funky when UR done w/ it!

I wanna know what U "honestly" make of this kind of thing:
1. YES it's very lazy, Y R U cheating UR fans like this & not giving em something new?!
2. NO there's still some meat on em bones; it's just a shortcut but isn't recycling beneficial N all respects anyhow?!
3. MAYBE but Y tha heck should any1 care when the only payment U desire or their attention?!
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tha Pure-Hearted Love Interest Objection by KeirTanaka
tha Pure-Hearted Love Interest Objection

This has been bothering me for tha longest time since I happened upon this article from GamesRadar...about 5 years ago! Actually it bugged me a touch initially and moved on but recently dug it up and thought I should weigh in on it now that I've learned to articulate my opinions & contentions beyond "RABBLE-RABBLE-RABBLE" in more recent times! The individual that wrote up the entirety of the Lazy Cliche Archetype expose put on a rather entertaining while informative article BUT makes the ghastly mistake of including Ashley Graham of 4 resident evil in their collage of characters that affect this particular cliche! I'm gonna show you right now the section of the article wherein this "journalist" targets dear ole Ashley:


Description: Every noble hero requires a beautiful damsel in distress, but God forbid she be given anything resembling a real personality. No, no, the Pure-Hearted Love Interest must maintain her saintly composure and untouched dignity at all times, waiting for her prince to pluck her like the delicate flower she has always been and shall always... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Common characteristics:

-One dainty hand held to the chest or shoulder in a gesture of reserved humility. "Oh! Me? You think I'm pretty? Tee hee."
-Hair pulled back in a demure braid, held in place by a jeweled crown or blown ever so gently by the warm spring breeze.
-Innocent face turned up - towards heaven, of course.
-Eyes (preferably blue) gazing wistfully into the distance, waiting for a flash of shining armor.
-Shoulders either bare (but that's all you're gonna get, buster!) or covered in billowy blouse sleeves.
-Occasionally followed by inexplicable showers of falling flower petals.

Possible Inspiration: Tha Disney Princess Conglomeration

The Antidote: Grace Nakimura, the female foil in the Gabriel Knight adventure series

Description: If you don't recognize the woman above, you haven't been playing games long enough. Grace Nakimura, the female foil in the Gabriel Knight adventure series, is the antithesis of your usual Barbie doll princess. She's plain, bookish, unstylish, unsocial, highly opinionated and definitely smarter than your male protagonist. We dare you not to fall in love with her anyway."

                     -Charlie Barratt of tha time at /

Yeah I'm not sure what he was thinking including Ashley here either or maybe he's blind, her eyes are clearly NOT blue! That was a joke though she definitely has bare shoulders on her default outfit and the alternate as well I think...come to think of it she later gets(not-so)shining armor of her own-tha problem is it's clearly not canon nor aesthetically impressive! Anybody whose anyone whose anything that even touched/glanced at/heard about/read about or even so much as thought about 4 resident evil 4 any length of time can list 99 reasons why Ashley doesn't resemble this cliche(BUT A @#$%& AIN'T 1)tha primary reason being she clearly isn't Pure of Heart nor is she a Love Interest in tha game's story; I don't know where anyone got THAT from except maybe every other story with this setup where that rarely doesn't happen: It's called Hero Syndrome+I suppose tha way she tries to get in Leon's pants at the end helps; typical woman treating a man like a prize in a cereal box, chauvinist!

Now just because I say she isn't Pure-Hearted doesn't mean I'm speaking ill of her tha same as tha rest of the internet since 4 resident evil hit em shelves! She's serviceable in tha role she plays of tha story's mission! Her main personality trait is having a really high opinion of herself and a bit of a brat BUT she's not so bad I don't care personally if she makes it out alive...I'm not particularly invested but I'm also not actively hoping for her ultimate demise like most others that "review" tha game! Tha purpose of her(+ the others)being included in this collage is that female love interests in games(+ other older mediums)aren't given much of a believeable personality and her being tha president's daughter(a modern-age princess)is totally "a real person" especially given that condition+this crisis she's found herself in as a result!

The only cliche you can really apply to her is being a typical incapable female that waits to be rescued but I can't imagine her being a believeable character in that version of tha story either being a modern day princess & all but it would be dam entertaining to watch though which should be tha primary purpose of entertainment! I feel I should impart here that I don't really take this as seriously as having done this might suggest and this is more something I just wanted to do and was a constructive use of time+really wanted to weigh in on this oversight!

ALSO/not too important beyond this point

I'm not too fond of his assertion that our NOT exposure to tha character he's chosen that breaks this our own fault! Well not so much that fact as it is tha way it's said "you haven't been playing games long enough" because only tha most seasoned of gamers are tha most knowledgeable on every game that's ever existed as well as all genre(s)! It's not how long you've been playing games(or how long you've had to play em)but your dedication to tha format that dictates your knowledge on it not to mention sometimes fate/destiny/coincidence(s) & tha like!

Technically it is our "fault" that we don't know her(those that don't, myself included)but phrasing it that way just sounds arrogant/condescending & all that good stuff! I should also impart that same as with tha prior section...I'm not as enraged by this 2nd error in judgment on tha part of tha "journalist" as this post may have you thinking!

1 MORE THING/even more not important/you could TOTALLY stop here

I don't agree on including Peach n Zelda in this collage either somewhat despite em being somewhat textbook examples of this cliche!

Zelda because she works as an enigmatic deconstruction of tha princess archetype seeing as how she's a more active participant in tha lore holding tha TriForce of Wisdom & all+she's not just involved in tha story because it needs a princess to be rescued and most of tha time tha hero is not directly acting to rescue her! There's also the issue that tha game is actually named directly after her but she's very very not present most of tha time which makes her infinitely more interesting to me than everyone else and motivates me to find her by finishing tha game even though I'm way too barbaric a player to even understand how to figure out tha game's puzzles with no power at tha ready!

Peach shouldn't be here due to her "ditzy-by-nature" personality that's been in effect since America began calling her Peach although she's been a non-traditional princess type before her Peach days but that's been applied to her adaptation into other formats outside of video games such as comics & cartoons that have her part 2(Doki-Doki Panic Edition)active participant role as her main trait...she also had like red hair back then as well! Tha simple addition of that "airhead" quality tips her in favor of being more transformative/progressive(4 lack of a better word)version of the cliche! That's mostly because nothing in that personality or at least tha way she affects it has anything to do with her being a princess and would be applicable to any woman from any time and anywhere!

There's also tha fact that these women are actual princesses and as such in tha time period they exist or at least is implied their universe(s) is/are modeled after would be expected to have this personality given tha life experience(or lack thereof)a princess usually has therein and/or is likely instilled in her as a result! I'm not sure about these other women in the collage but I am familiar with these 2 here as well as Elise! Elise is tha dictionary definition of tha princess archetype in tha story she was created but she(+ several other factors)also comes off as an attempt to inject a Final Fantasy element(which most of these "cliche women" seem like they're from)to tha story of Sonic '06 which is fine with me but I like Sonic '06 *ducks n covers...comes back up after tha dust settles* ok now when I said that I meant more like tha concept of Sonic '06/tha direction tha resulting game seemed like they were trying to go for including tha concept that tha gameplay seemed like it was trying to go!

When I say that I like an addition to a given medium of fiction on a conceptual level..people seem to like trying to accuse me of saying either tha bugs don't exist or that I unironically enjoy tha bugs that it has or even tha weaknesses in tha story/resulting execution which is bleeding retarded! It's like if I say that someone almost made it & would have if they only had more time to practice and saying that I think they did make it when they were clearly short of victory-which is to say-I know they messed up/I'm not saying they didn't mess up but just that I can see what they were trying to go for and feel they would've accomplished it if not for whatever factor that prevented em from realizing that whether it be budget/genuine skill/outside meddling or simply not realizing tha flaws in tha resulting product! Well I've gone off on enough of a tangent so I'll just end here and let me know if you'd like me to(at least attempt to)deconstruct any further cliches in the expose this'n came from!

Please rank and/or comment!
So Disney/Bioware/Micott-Basara-Digital Frontier.. by KeirTanaka
So Disney/Bioware/Micott-Basara-Digital Frontier..
.happen to leave a bar with the "EXACT" same design specs for a similar existing character!

This wasn't my initial notice like tha 1st one of this kind(will1234562)though I did notice an existing character shared similarities with tha 2 prior and decided to add her to the alt version! Finding out the exact umbrella that owns this character is really tha hurdle that's actually what took me this long 2 release this observation this you see I included every one my search pointed to! Tha wording is mine & tha credit for the creation goes to myself as well as Emopiki as unusual per this outing!

As usual(for part of my contribution)tha Sarge here to your left was on a plain white backdrop but I inserted a sky theme which may be familiar from mine other works per usual and proceeded to extend tha same courtesy to Deunan Knute there on tha right!

Riyu Konaka as Riu Konaka - Look-a-Like

I use tha term "knight" here because replacing it with "warriors"/"fighters"/"SOLDIERS"/"officers"/"guardians"..."rapscallions" doesn't work as well as "knights" does!

This "samefag" meme I got from Ytuber Patch93 who learned it by watching Bashe86! It's used when you notice that characters have huge similarities!

Please rank and/or comment!


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Keep in mind that Crush Porn is not a work of fiction. These are real women murdering real animals for the sadistic amusement of real sick people.

There is an organization that works to put a stop to such horrors. And I want to feature for March's Monthly Salute. I feel that such organizations deserve the attention, and that people should be aware of them as a resource to contact if need be.
KeirTanaka Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I could understand this fetish if(most likely a work of fiction)if said scantily clad women were crushing animals by way of say Elmira of Tiny Toon Adventures who loves "aminals" so  much she often inflicts damage on em but not in a visibly serious manner similar to StarFire x Robin!
Perhaps if said scantily clad women were fighting dangerous animals(lions/tigers/bears, what have ya)then perhaps killing em or preferably not as a sign of not even needing to finish em off either as a show of mercy or a way of saying she doesn't even take tha battle that seriously!

I read your rap sheet again and I don't even like tha thought of hunting as a "sport" especially with all of these "murder-simulator video-games" we have today(political reference/not my words)as a means of leisure activity but that's patty-cake compared to this Crush you speak of seeing as how the "aminal" in question dies rather immediately from being shot when hunting whereas this seems like tha whole point is to inflict as much physical pain on tha target as possible without killing em before they are done completely then killing em unless they wanna be tha purest form of evil to walk this planet...which is worse than bullying come to think of it!

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